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The South African Post Office Union Member Benefits

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Sapwu's strength rests on two pillars; the union's unwavering commitment to its affiliation "Unity is Strength" and its members' commitment to improving the welfare of all employees employed in the postal sector irrespective of race, gender, or seniority.

Sapawu branch committee members commit themselves to look after and represent members in all spheres of the Sapwu family. 

Our union offers a comprehensive benefit to members, which include the following:

sapawuRepresentations for internal disciplinary hearings

sapawuRepresentations in grievance hearings

sapawuRepresentations at CCMA and Labour Court

sapawuFuneral Benefits ( Cover ) to the value of R 10,000-00

sapawuBargaining on behalf of members

sapawuRepresentation at strategic company forums

sapawuSalary Increase of 7%

sapawuCollective bargaining on behalf of members

sapawuSalary Backdate to 1st April

sapawuIncrease in transport allowance

sapawuIncrease in housing subsidy

sapawuJob security ( 2013-14)

sapawuReinstatement of accidental death cover

How do I become a member of SAPWU?

Every employee of the South African Postal Office can download the application form directly from our website. The procedure works as follows:

The Regional Executive Committee is responsible for deciding whether a specific person can become aSAPWU member or not.

sapawu1. Workers must apply for Union membership to the Branch Executive committee with jurisdiction over the area where they are employed.

sapawu2. The Branch Executive Committee may reject any application if it is of the opinion that the worker is not a fit and proper person to be a SAPWU member of the union.

sapawu3. If there is no functioning Branch Executive Committee then the application must be directly sent to the Regional Secretary / General Secretary.

SAPWU was specifically designed to work for our employees, to strive for equality of all our members, yearly salary increases, job security and so much more. Contact SAPWU today for any further inquiries with regards to membership as well as the benefits we have to offer.

Our union has members in the Postal and Courier Industry with our main focus on establishing our self in the Postal Industry, specifically the Post Office


Who is SAPWU And Why Us?

Who is SAPWU?

SAPWU was designed to work for our employees, to strive for equality of all our members, to ensure yearly salary increases, job security and so much more. SAPWU - your priorities are our priorities.

Becoming a member of SAPWU is easy. By completing a short registration form, you can have the benefits you deserve as a South African Postal Office Worker or if you are in the courier industry.  SAPWU offers all our members great benefits.  Some of which include but are not limited to:

  • Funeral Cover– SAPWU offers our members funeral cover of up to R10 000.00 in your time of need, SAPWU has got you covered. The beneficiaries will be their immediate families (member’s children and wife/s only)No other relatives shall benefit.
  • Yearly Salary Increase- Salary review takes place annually, typically during the month of July and becomes effective on the 1st September of each year.
  • Housing allowance – Permanently employed staff of SAPWU will qualify for a housing allowance which will be determent by the union.
  • Bargaining on behalf of members– According to the Constitutional Documentation of SAPWU, we will bargain on behalf of our members. -  3.1.14 To perform other lawful acts as may appear to be in the interest of the Union and its members and oppose acts, which are not consistent with the objective of any other matter specifically provided for in this constitution.
  • Job Security - To protect the job security of members, to advance their employment prospects and generally to do all things that will be in the interest of members in their individual and collective capabilities.
  • Transport Allowance – Transport by means of public transport such as bus or taxi’s will be refunded by the South African Postal Service as an employer of the employee. Using own transport to attend the meeting and so forth, will only be credited to the driver of the vehicle and not to the people who accompany the driver of the said vehicle.

With benefits reaching far beyond your ordinary unions and minimal monthly fees you can reap all the benefits as listed above and so much more. 

Why register with us

SAPWU is a union between the South African Post Office and the Department of Labour, called the South African Postal Workers Union. This union was formed as an alternative trade union that captures the essence of a postal and courier worker.

There are a few benefits when you register with us. When you register with us as a postal worker,  you will be under our protection. We do our best to regulate relations between the member that register with us and their employers. The postal workers or the courier members have a protected job security and we strive to advance their employment prospects.

So, register with us today! You won't regret it!

Choose SAPWU, the union that fights for your rights.

SAPWU - The South African Postal Workers Union

The idea of forming an alternative trade union in the Post Office came through informal discussions around early 2008. On the 8th August 2008 in Kwaggasrand (Pretoria) a decision was taken that we start a formal registration process of SAPAWU (South African Postal Workers Union) with the Department of Labour.

The draft emblem/logo was circulated to different regions for inputs. The view was that it should capture the essence of the post office worker. On the 18th December 2008, a formal application was made with the Department of Labour to acquire a Certificate of Registration, this being a requirement in terms of the Labour Relations Act, Act 66 of 1995. The Certificate of Registration was issued by the Department of Labour on the 27th May 2009, with Registration Number LR2/6/2/1672

The process of seeking recognition status in the post office started in earnest from April 2009, which culminated in the signing of the Settlement Agreement on 27 May 2010. The purpose of the settlement was to outline a process that was to culminate in the signing of the Collective/Recognition Agreement, which the post office backtracked at the 11th Hour. On 14 February 2011, we got an award aptly titled the “Valentine’s Award”, which was in favour of Sapwu which was giving us certain organizational rights ( Section 12.13 and 15). The post office then took the award under review at the Labour Court, the post office succeeded in setting it ( award ) aside.

We finally signed our 1st Recognition Agreement with the post office on September 1, 2011. This was after we got a second award against the post office granting us organizational rights. The reluctant post office management finally succumbed and gave recognition to Sapwu. Contact us for the Latest post office News!

Aims & Objectives Of SAPAWU

The aims and objectives of SAPAWU (South African Postal Allied Workers Union) and other Post Office Unions are:

1. To regulate relations between members and their employers and to protect and further the interests in

2. To strive for economic and social justice for all workers by means of, regulating relations, negotiating, and settling disputes between workers and employers.

3. To oppose any discrimination in employment and fight for the rights of all workers in any facet of work.

4. To advance the democratic right of every worker.

5. To encourage the settlement of disputes by conciliatory methods.

1. To promote, support, or oppose, as may be deemed expedient, any existing or proposed legislation or other measure affecting the interests of members.

2. To use every legitimate means possible to convince all persons who are eligible for membership to become members.

3. To encourage and unite into a single organization all workers are employed in the industry in South Africa who are eligible to become members of the Union and or to enhance their economic and social welfare.

4. To protect the job security of members, to advance their employment prospects, and generally to do all things that will be in the interest of members in their individual and collective capabilities.

5. To improve the wages, salaries, and terms and conditions of employment of members through collective bargaining and other lawful means.

6. To provide when deemed necessary, legal assistance to members in connection with their employment and related matters.

7. To inculcate a spirit of unity and solidarity amongst all members and workers in the industry and educate members of the Union in the true spirit of family unity, oneness, and solidarity-based on the philosophy of individuality of the workers and their families.

8. To co-operate with the National and International Organization and thereby improve the general standard of living of the workers union

9. To perform other lawful acts as may appear to be in the interest of the Union and its members and oppose acts, which are not consistent with the objective of the union

10. To act, oppose, and negotiate in the matters concerning Unfair Labour Practice.

11. To operate in the name of the Union generally such that a role may be played in the social, economic and political upliftment of the community at large

12. To observe and act in accordance with the spirit and principle of democracy in all Union activities.

SAPWU Is Proud To Wear Our South African Face Masks

Since the national announcement with regards to face masks that needs to be worn daily when in public places, SAPWU took this matter seriously and got to work.

We had face masks made for every member of the SAPWU union that are PROUDLY South African bt also contains our powerful logo of SAPWU. We can now wear these face masks with pride for our country, our union, and in co-operation with the law.

SAPWU wants to set an example to all South Africans of the possibilities if we work together. As the union for the South African Post Office, we want to encourage all employees of the post office countrywide to take this matter seriously, work together, and to make use of the safety provisions in place at all branches.

Remember to frequently wash your hands and stay safe.

SAPWU – Setting an example for our people.

face masks

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