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Postal Employees Union Sapwu

SAPWU's Code of Ethics is designed to enable the Postal Employees Union to achieve the following objectives:
•Provide full-time employees and elected office bearers with a thorough understanding of their union's traditions, principles and objectives.
•Enable employees and elected office bearers to interact in a professional manner and direct their efforts towards benefiting all sections of SAPAWU's diverse membership.
•Adapt to ever-changing internal and external environments without compromising SAPAWU's goals and principles.
•Empower employees and elected office bearers to deal calmly and professionally with emotive issues that may arise at meetings of the union's structures and during professional interaction with employers.
•Promote democratic decision-making by fostering the fact that a successful democracy requires both discipline and acceptance
Contact SAPWU, your Postal Employees Union to become a member on 012 320 7625 / 4334.