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Workers Union SapwuThe aims and objectives of SAPWU (South African Postal Workers Union) and other Post Office Unions are:

1. Regulation of relations between members and employers in order to protect
2. Striving for social and economical justice for all workers by the regulation of relations, negotiations and settling disagreements between workers and employers.
3. To oppose discrimination and prejudge in employment and fight for the rights of workers in any aspect of work
4. Advancing the democratic right of each and every worker
5. Encouraging the resolution and settlements of disputes by conciliatory methods.
6. Promoting, supporting and opposing, as may be deemed expedient, any existing or proposed legislation or other measure affecting the interest of the SAPWU (south african postal workers union) members
7. Using all legitimate means to encourage all persons who are eligible for membership to become members of the SAPWU (south african postal workers union)
8. Uniting and encouraging all members and workers to become a single organization where all workers employed in the industry in South Africa, can become eligible to become members of the SAPWU (south african postal workers union).
9. Protecting job security of members, in order to advance their employment prospects and aid in the interest of the members.
10. Improving of wages, salaries and terms and conditions regarding the employment of the members through collective bargaining and lawful means.
11. Providing legal assistance to members in connection with their employment and related matters.
12.Inculcating a spirit of unity and solidarity through the SAPWU (south african postal workers union) community and its members and workers in the industry.
13. Educating the members of the Union in the true spirit of family unity, oneness and solidarity based on the philosophy of individuality in workers and their families.
14. Co-operating with National and International Organizations in order to improve general standards of living for the workers of the union.
15. Performing other lawful acts, which are in the interest of the Union and its members.
16. Opposing acts that are not consistent with the objectives of the Union
17. Acting, opposing and negotiating the matters concerning Unfair Labour Practicing.
18.Observing and acting in accordance with the spirit and principle of democracy in all Union Activities.

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