SAPWU – Members First, Today And Always

SAPWU firmly believes that its members should come first. Not just today, but always. At SAPWU our aim is to be able to represent every employee of the Post Office and the courier industry to our full potential.

SAPWU’s primary objectives are to improve the conditions of service and protect the interests of its members, individually and collectively, in relation to their employers and otherwise, and generally to raise their status. Operating in the South African Postal sector, SAPWU identifies with members employed within the postal industry. It also encouraged sound employer-employee relationships. The intention of the ethics is to regulate conflict as peacefully and constructively as possible by endeavouring to settle disputes by conciliatory methods.

Not a member of the SAPWU family yet? Join today. The application is easy, and the necessary forms are on our website, for your convenience.

The application procedure for becoming a member of SAPWU is as follow:

1. Workers must apply for the SA Post Office Union membership to the Branch Executive committee with jurisdiction over the area where they are employed.

2. The Branch Executive Committee may reject any application if it is of the opinion that the worker is not a fit and proper person to be a member of the union.

3. If there is no functioning Branch Executive Committee then the application must be directly sent to the Regional Secretary / General Secretary.

Contact us for more information regarding our SA post office union, SAPWU. Join SAPWU today – we fight for your rights.