The South African Post Office Have Over 500 Offices Open

Since the state of the nation address during May 2020, it has been stated that some Post Offices will remain open for certain services that may be conducted includes certain financial transactions such as SASSA grants and to deliver medication during the lockdown period.

However certain branches will be closing from the 06th of April 2020 and those who remain open are deemed essential for these transactions. SAPWU – The South African Postal Workers Union would like all our members to abide by the law and stay safe during this national pandemic.

SAPWU is proud to be the union for the South African Post Office’s employees and therefore urge all our members to be safe during this time, use the methods of prevention like the sanitizers and masks as supplied to you.

We would like to thank all employees of the south african post office for still conducting SASSA grant transactions to ensure these payments to the less privileged and for making the delivery of medicine possible during this time.

SAPWU – The union for the Post Office