1. Each member of the South African Post Office must complete, fold and deposit the ballot paper in a container provided for that purpose.
  2. Members must not sign or mark the ballot papers in anyway apart from the mark required to be made to record the vote. Papers bearing any other marks must be regarded as spoilt and must not be counted.
  3. The observers must on completion of a ballot or as soon as possible thereafter count the ballot papers and ascertain the results in the presence of the Branch, Regional or General Secretaries (as the case may be).
  • The observers must communicate the results to the relevant executive committee meeting which must immediately advise the NEC.
  • Observers must place ballot papers including spoilt papers, in a container which must be sealed and retained by the Branch, Regional or General Secretaries (as the case may be) for not less than five (5) years.
  • The ballot box must be inspected by observers and sealed by the Branch, Regional or General Secretaries for not less than three years.

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