Our Strength Rests On 2 Pillars

Sapwu’s strength rests on two important pillars; the union’s unwavering commitment to its credo “Unity is Strength”, and its members’ commitment to improving the welfare of all employees employed in the postal sector regardless of race, gender or seniority. Even though, for geographical or practical reasons, Sapawu branch committees sometimes have representational imbalances, members of these committees commit themselves to looking after, and representing, members in all spheres of the sapawu family. They accept that, in order to ensure the formulation of balanced views and strategies, it is often necessary to consult with the Post Office Employees Union full-time officials and/ or co-opt representatives from the under-represented race, gender or professional groupings. This insistence on optimum representatively – which had its origin during the apartheid era in defiance of unjust laws which barred employees of colour from belonging to a trade union – has become a cornerstone of our ethics. Contact our post office Employees Union today to join!