SAPWU Is Proud To Wear Our South African Face Masks

Since the national announcement with regards to face masks that needs to be worn daily when in public places, SAPWU took this matter seriously and got to work.

We had face masks made for every member of the SAPWU union that are PROUDLY South African bt also contains our powerful logo of SAPWU. We can now wear these face masks with pride for our country, our union, and in co-operation with the law.

SAPWU wants to set an example to all South Africans of the possibilities if we work together. As the union for the South African Post Office, we want to encourage all employees of the Post Office countrywide to take this matter seriously, work together, and to make use of the safety provisions in place at all branches.

Remember to frequently wash your hands and stay safe.

SAPWU – Setting an example for our people.