We Look After Our Members Working In The South African Post Office During Lockdown

As all of us knows, the National Lockdown commenced on the 26th of March 2020 at midnight and only essential workers are permitted to work during the lockdown.

The service the south african post office delivers to all members who receive a social grant (SASSA) is one of the essential services that was addressed during the State of the Nation with regards to the 21day lockdown.

Ivumile Nongogo, the acting CEO of the south african post office stated that the decision to provide grants to vulnerable people was excepted as there are many people in South Africa that depend on grants.

The south african post office has a total of 882 branches that have been designated to provide these services during this period. However, the South African Post Office’s services will be limited. Parcel deliveries, mail services and other support operations will be suspended in conformance with the 21day lockdown.

The South African Post Office’s customer services centres will not be available either by telephone or email, and customers are urged to not expect any outstanding deliveries to take place during this time.

Control measures for customers queuing include queue marshalling services during peak hours at busy branches. The south african post office has additionally stated hygiene provisions will be stepped up with sanitisers, gloves, and masks to be provided to retail employees.

As the union for the south african post office, SAPWU requests that all our members take this matter seriously and make use of the hygiene provisions by using the sanitisers, gloves and masks that are provided.

SAPWU wants all our members to be safe during this time as we all have families to return to. Prevention is better than cure.

Follow the guidelines on safe hygiene practice as often as you can. Make use of the hygiene provisions, but also remember to wash your hand regularly.

Hand Washing

  1. Using warm or lukewarm running water, wet your hands and apply soap—
  2. Rub your hands together to make a lather
  3. Keep rubbing your hands together, taking special precaution to wash your thumbs and the back of your hands.
  4. Interlock fingers and wash well in between
  5. Rinse your hands well.
  6. Dry your hands, using a clean paper towel or allowing your hands to air dry.

SAPWU – The Union for the South African Post Office