Why You Should Join Our Union – SAPWU

SAPWU has many benefits to offer. The union’s scope for all our members are:

1. Representations for internal disciplinary hearings
2. Representations in grievance hearings
3. Representations at CCMA and Labour Court
4. Funeral Benefits (Cover) to the value of R 10,000-00
5. Bargaining on behalf of members
6. Representation at strategic company forums
7. Salary Increase of 7%
8. Collective bargaining on behalf of members
9. Salary Backdate to 1st April
10. Increase in transport allowance
11. Increase in housing subsidy
12. Job security
13. Reinstatement of accidental death cover

SAPWU has the following structures in place in order to ensure that no employee will have to make decisions on his/her own: 

1. Shop steward Committees at the workplace
2. BOB Branch Office Bearer
3. BEC Branch Executive Committee
4. BC Branch Congress
5. ROB Regional Office Bearer
6. REC Regional Executive Committee
7. RC Regional Congress
8. NOB National Office Bearer
9. NEC National Executive Committee
10. CEC Central Executive Committee
11. NC National Congress

The powers of these structures are defined in this Constitution. Subject to this constitution, a decision of a higher structure is binding on all lower structures falling under its jurisdiction.

Rights and obligations of the members:

The members’ rights and obligations of SAPWU are set out in the SAPWU constitution and are determined by the constitutional structures of the Workers Unions In South Africa from time to time. The post office unions may not unfairly discriminate against any member or applicant for membership. Every member must observe the provisions of this Constitution and lawful decisions of any structure of the Union and any Federation to which the Union belongs and must not act in a way that is detrimental or prejudicial to the interests of the Workers Unions In South Africa and to its members.

How do I become a member of SAPWU?

Every employee of the South African Postal Office can download the application form directly from our website. The procedure works as follows:

The Regional Executive Committee is responsible for deciding whether a specific person can become a SAPWU member or not.

1. Workers must apply for Union membership to the Branch Executive committee with jurisdiction over the area where they are employed.
2. The Branch Executive Committee may reject any application if it is of the opinion that the worker is not a fit and proper person to be a SAPWU member of the union.
3. If there is no functioning Branch Executive Committee then the application must be directly sent to the Regional Secretary / General Secretary.

Contact SAPWU today for any further enquiries with regards to membership as well as benefits we have to offer.